Authorities warn of foot and mouth disease outbreak

Svay Rieng provincial agriculture authorities urged residents to take extra precautions with their cattle to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease, which was detected in several communes there. Provincial department of agriculture director Thach Ratana said on May 9 that on Thursday, more than 50 cattle in Svay Reing town’s Svay Chrum district were found to have contracted food and mouth disease. However provincial authorities were able to treat the cows without needing to cull them. “There were 11 cows sick with foot and mouth disease in Prey Chhlak commune in Svay Rieng town and another 45 cows in Chher Teal commune in Svay Chrum district,” Mr Ratana said. He said department officials had been onsite to treat the cows and distribute medication to villagers. All 55 cows have recovered.

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