Cambodia seals health pacts with China

Cambodia and China signed agreements on December 6 to build capacity in Cambodia’s health services, expand technology and fight the spread of diseases. After the official signing of four agreements, Health Minister Mam Bun Heng said the Chinese help would include preventing the spread of threats such as HIV, human avian influenza and malaria. Cooperation would take place also in traditional healing and surgery. China will provide training personnel at the University of Health Science, provide technical consultants and Chinese volunteer doctors for check-ups and treatment, exchange information and experience and enhance technical capacity. “Signing the agreement between both ministries shows that China is paying attention to public welfare. This cooperation will benefit Cambodians’ health,” he said. The agreements cover cooperation in the field of health, a mother and child project, cooperation between Guangxi Medical University and the College of Stomatology at the University of Health Sciences of Cambodia and a technology training, development and exchange program, covering telemedicine and research.

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