China poised for Thailand’s solar move

In March, Thailand announced it will draft a master plan to reach net zero carbon emissions.

Though it has not set a date for net zero, that deadline will proably be announced in November at the COP26 UN climate talks. According to energy secretary Kulit Sombasiri, talking to the Bangkok Post, it is expected to be similar to the US and the EU, which have committed to 2050.

Thailand is in the midst of a policy shift toward solar projects. China’s foothold in producing solar panels in Thailand, as well as investing in and building solar power stations there, will be essential if the country is to continue to move away from fossil fuels with sufficient speed.

The road will be tricky, however, as Thailand is still heavily reliant on coal and gas and is unlikely to fulfil its current climate commitments made under the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

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Tyler Roney