Hạ Long cement factory causing pollution

Many households in northern Quảng Ninh Province’s Hoành Bồ District have been forced to live with smoke and cement dust discharged from Hạ Long Cement Factory for years. This has seriously affected the lives of local residents and their cultivation activities. In the meantime, local authorities have failed to act. Lương Khôi Bút, a resident in Hoành Bồ District’s Thống Nhất Commune said that he had installed windows with two layers of glass to avoid dust from the factory, but the situation had not improved. The local well, which was dug in 1979 and was his main source of water, has a thick layer of dust on the water’s surface. Even after being filtered, sediment still remains in the water. Nguyễn Văn Tý, head of Đất Đỏ Village’s residential area agreed, saying that the factory discharged dust and smoke everyday. During the day, noise from the factory annoyed the whole village, while dust and smoke was discharged at night, Tý said.

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