Bangkok’s ‘Hazibition’ points finger at corporations for toxic haze in lower Mekong

Thailand’s clean air campaigners are staging an exhibition in Bangkok to show how industrial-scale maize cultivation to produce animal feed is partly responsible for the toxic annual smog in the lower Mekong region.  “Hazibition,” an exhibition on haze pollution by environment group Greenpeace, started Tuesday at ...

Subel Rai Bhandari for RFA

ASEAN lacks crucial data on air pollution

A large portion of the population in Southeast Asia do not have proper information on the air they breathe every day. While an analysis of air pollution readings from Greenpeace and AirVisual found that 95 percent of Southeast Asian cities surveyed exceeded the World Health Organization’s ...

HCM City seeks ways to curb CO2 emissions from vehicles

Air pollution in HCM City caused by vehicles has become even more serious than the level of pollution emitted by industrial zones, environmental experts say. The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the city is estimated to be 38.5 million tonnes per year, making up ...

282 poor air quality days in capital in 2016

Dust concentration in the air, both in Hà Nội and Hồ Chí Minh City, was several times higher in 2016 than the levels recommended by the World Health Organization, endangering resident’s health. In Hà Nội, the dust concentration reached up to 50,5 mg per cubic ...

Noise – the hidden killer in HCM City

Tens of millions of Saigonese not only suffer from the effects of waste water, hazardous waste and emissions, but also from noise. Medical experts say that noise has damaging effects – physiological, psychological and social.  Physiologically, when noise exceeds acceptable levels, noise can cause ear injury ...

Hạ Long cement factory causing pollution

Many households in northern Quảng Ninh Province’s Hoành Bồ District have been forced to live with smoke and cement dust discharged from Hạ Long Cement Factory for years. This has seriously affected the lives of local residents and their cultivation activities. In the meantime, local ...

69m people breathed toxic smoke from 2015 Indonesian fires: study

Sixty-nine million people were exposed to toxic haze as a result of last year’s devastating wildfires in Indonesia, a new study has found. Little is known about the health impacts of Indonesia’s annual fires, which spread uncontrollably because the country’s vast peat swamp zones have ...

Thousands killed by air pollution yearly: study

A new study by the World Health Organization has found 3 million deaths a year are linked to exposure to outdoor air pollution, with nearly 90 percent of those deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries like Cambodia. The WHO said Southeast Asia bears one of ...

WHO: 90 percent of world's population breathe dirty air

Nine out of 10 people globally live in places with poor air quality, the World Health Organization has said, blaming a worldwide air pollution crisis for being a major factor in millions of deaths per year. In a new report released on September 27, the health agency ...

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