Myanmar reveals new strategy for coronavirus-free status

Myanmar is planning to adopt a new community-based containment strategy in an effort to become a coronavirus-free country in a matter of months, said the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Sports.

“It is a community-based program designed to restore the current situation of high infection rates to normal. To achieve it, we have changed the strategy, and we’ll constantly implement community-based programs with public cooperation. It will be helpful for the people on the basis of ‘Know early, Report Early, Benefit early’ basis, said director Dr Than Naing Soe.

Myanmar’s daily Covid-19 positive rate remains above the 1000-mark. The infection rate is still high at markets, particularly in homes for the aged, monasteries and factories. It will fall below 1000 only if such places are properly managed.

“The program relies on public cooperation. We have made plans and implemented them. The public has shown appreciation for our work. At the same time, we need cooperation from everyone at the markets and homes for the aged and factories to cooperate because all our efforts depend on them. With their cooperation, we’re sure we can make our country coronavirus-free in months,” he said.

The new strategy provides some insight on how the authorities plan to manage the virus in the coming months.

With more expected to be out and about casting their votes on the November 8 election, the number of COVID-19 cases could spike further.

In the weeks leading up to the election, the government had relied on curfews, stay-at-home measures and factory closures to curb the spread of the virus. In recent weeks however, most factories have been permitted to open after passing inspections.

As of 8pm on November 3, Myanmar reported a total of 55,804 COVID-19 cases with 39,063 recoveries and 1,307 deaths.

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