Noise – the hidden killer in HCM City

Tens of millions of Saigonese not only suffer from the effects of waste water, hazardous waste and emissions, but also from noise. Medical experts say that noise has damaging effects – physiological, psychological and social.  Physiologically, when noise exceeds acceptable levels, noise can cause ear injury or deafness, and cause cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and other chronic diseases. Psychologically, those who live in an environment with too much noise are affected by stress and nervousness, becoming aggressive and excitable. Nguyen Van Nga, a doctor from Nguyen Trai Hospital, said that living in noise, people may suffer from headaches, which could become chronic and affect people’s ability to work. In all cases, noise makes lives less joyful for people. Under national standards on noise, in special areas within the boundaries of healthcare centers, libraries, kindergartens, schools, pagodas and temples, the maximum noise levels allowed are 55 dB in 6-21h and 45 dB in 21-6 h. As for other areas, such as residential quarters, houses in alleys, hotels, guesthouses and offices, the figures are 70 dB in 6-21h and 55 dB in 21-6h.

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