Party chief urges socio-economic think tank to uphold high quality

General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng on February 11 asked the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission to improve its operations by coming up with high-quality, strategic projects and conducting objective and persuasive appraisals. In a post-new year meeting with the commission, Trọng demanded that the commission, a strategic think-tank re-established in 2012 for the Party Central Committee, the Political Bureau and the Secretariat on socioeconomic issues, should honour outstanding individuals and models and actively join the fight against corruption, bureaucracy and wastefulness, especially in loss-making State-owned enterprises, he said. “The commission needs to pay heed to raising public awareness of the Party Central Committee’s policies, guidelines and resolutions in order to facilitate their realisation by creating a high level of consensus,” Trọng said.

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