Transport hardware upgrade needed for modern warehouses

The arrival of bonded warehouses and modern technologies are good news. But the logistics industry can only start competing with nearby regions if the country’s roads, bridges and highways receive a massive upgrade. In 2014, the Economist boldly claims that if Buddhist monks represent Myanmar’s past, the tenants of Thilawa and the two other SEZs in the works are bets on its future. Backed by the Japanese government and spearheaded by three major Japanese trading houses, the initial success of the Thilawa SEZ relies on the confidence of manufacturers on Myanmar’s potential. Daizen Myanmar, a logistics company, has placed its vote of confidence on the manufacturers since 2015. At that time, the firm’s managing director, Tomoaki Yabe told the Myanmar Times that he chose Thilawa SEZ as the location of Daizen’s first ASEAN investment on the advice of representatives from Mitsubishi Corporation.

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