Vietnam to issue rules on terrestrial mobile communication terminal devices

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) last week held a webinar to assess the impacts of a draft circular on the national technical regulations on terminal devices of terrestrial mobile communication.

According to the representative of the MIC’s Information Technology Department, the building of national technical regulations on terminal devices of terrestrial mobile communication is one of the breakthrough solutions to spur domestic business and manufacturing activities. The draft circular includes the requirement that terminal devices of terrestrial mobile communication must be integrated with 4G.

The building of the draft draws on lessons from a range of other countries including Singapore, where terminal device manufacturers and suppliers must ensure their support of IMT-2000 technology, which are 3G and LTE-Advanced (4G).

Addressing the event, Phan Tam, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, explained that technology changes constantly, especially mobile communication. Globally, some countries have deployed 5G, and Vietnam is among the pioneers. Vietnam, agencies, and businesses related to terminal device manufacturing and trading and mobile operations are not exempt from this trend. The government’s goals for national digital transformation cannot be realised on 2G, he noted.

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Samaya Dharmaraj