Four reasons why Asia is a prime target for cybercriminals

From attacks on Ukrainian power grids to central bank heists in Bangladesh and the leak of stolen information from the Democratic National Committee in the U.S., cybersecurity threats have escalated massively in recent years. Governments, companies and individuals are equally susceptible all over the world, but cybersecurity experts believe Asia is most vulnerable to such attacks. Data from American security company FireEye showed 28 percent of organizations in Asia Pacific were hit with an advanced cyber-attack in the second half of 2015, nearly double the global average of 15 percent. Experts told CNBC there were several reasons why Asia is a prime target for hackers. Housing nearly 60 percent of the world’s population, the aggregate number of people connected to the Internet in Asia is massive – nearly a billion people have access to the Internet, with more than half of them in China.

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