Open Development Mekong is now open to data contributors!

We are proud to announce our new data crowdsourcing facility on the regional Open Development platform. By becoming a data contributor, you or your organization will be joining our information ecosystem, giving you the opportunity to expand access to publicly available resources on pressing topics related to the Lower Mekong, its people and environment. Your data will contribute to our expanding repository of data and information resources from across the region, helping to build a detailed and timely overview of development trends from both regional and national perspectives, and supporting fact-based dialogue around current issues related to sustainable development in the region.

Please register at the link below, and read on for FAQs on this new facility.


1. Why should I become a Data Contributor?

The data you contribute from your area of interest and expertise to this one-of-a-kind expanding information ecosystem within the Mekong region will literally help to shape the ongoing discussions around these important issues.

2. How does ODM use the data that I contribute?

All datasets contributed to the platform will be reviewed by our data editors across the region for appropriateness and compliance with open data standards. Those that comply will be published openly on the platform and accessible to anyone searching for the information. If there are opportunities to create mashups or extended storyboards of the data and information you have contributed, we will only do so within the licensing parameters set by the dataset and consult with you should there be any issues with copyright.

3. Are all datasets uploaded on the platform open and public?

The intent is to ensure that all available information uploaded onto the datahub is open and public. However we do adhere to strict open data standards and enforce a responsible data policy which will be monitored by our data editors. Should any dataset not meet this criteria it will not be openly published and we will notify you to determine if corrections can be made.

4. How do I make a suggestion to the metadata fields?

ODM is consistently trying to improve its standards for metadata to increase discoverability and interoperability. Any suggestions or comments you can provide to help us improve these standards are welcome. Please contact us through our feedback form or directly at

5. How does ODM use my personal information?

All personal information will be kept private and only released with your consent. As part of our open data policy we require that attribution and ownership of data is clear and transparent. Therefore, a source for each of the datasets you contribute will need to be provided but does not necessarily have to identify you specifically so that you can retain anonymity. Unfortunately if you do wish to remain completely anonymous and cannot provide an open source for the dataset then it would not adhere to our open data standards and we would not be able to publish the data.

6. What kind of data should be uploaded onto the platform?

Our database currently hosts 4 different kinds of resources; datasets, laws, agreements and library resources. Each of these record types are distinct and have separate metadata fields that are customised to adequately describe the resource using existing data standards. During the on boarding sessions you will be provided with a brief outline of these data types and what can and cannot be uploaded. We also have a wiki that provides guidelines for evaluating the appropriateness of adding any given dataset.